Art of Living

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There are many to advise…many to admonish…right from your childhood.But do you think it stops when you reach adulthood!! No way…actually it increases!!!

People say,life is a stage…you are an actor, destiny the director…………..whatever role offered to you,act it without any murmur.I too believed,what can i do…it’s my fate,till last week…to be precisely during the time between 17-22 nd of April,2007.Hey…no need for wild imaginations!! No extra- ordinary” Happenings” during this time out of the blue…..just attended a course on Art of Living.

A half-hearted idea to attend this course as it was conducted just opposite to my residence bothered me to some extent. Even after depositing the filled up form along with the accompanying cheque for a particular amount only increased my confusion as to whether i want to do it or will be able to make it or not!

It was this me who saw the first day of 17th ,with full of apprehensions of a first-day -at school-kid-type syndrums ,who attended the course and also tried an aborted attempt to skip from the second day citing many a physical discomfot, lovingly thwarted by a very helping teacher who saw to that i completed the entire couse.And…the one who came out…..believe me….a very different me …….Don’t want to say it is a 360 degree turn out…..but a real good one.A wonderful experience which changed my visions towards life altogether….

The new me too believe …..Life is a stage,you are an actor,Destiny is the Director(now i doubt it too),whatever role is offered to you….ACT IT …not only without murmur…with ATTITTUDE too!!It certainly makes differences!Use your enegy positively…think positively…….do positively….you are nothing but a small particle in this Universe,but see youself as a creation and part of GOD almighty who is filled up every part of this Universe……Vibrate your goodness and love to all nearby…play your part well….you will be remembered by everybody even if you disappear from this stage because…Matter is neither created nor distroyed!You exist here in one form or other…..

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  1. Harsha

    nice one. felt a bit similar to my experience.ya i too attended the part one course this june. same thing happend to me too..the first reluctance, confusion as to whether i should do this and then that wonderful feeling afterwards..feels similar

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